The Chateau de la Foltière

Do you like nature and silence...
Do you like gardens, spectacular blooms, rare plants... poetry, landscapes fogged, games of shadow and light by blue days cloudless, stripped plants covered with frost...
The Chateau de La Foltière will fill you. It is planted in the middle of the Parc Botanique de Haute Bretagne. It is surrounded by 24 gardens, bringing plants from all continents, that must be assessed in every season.
Five rooms are reserved for hosts greeted as friends.


Rates are modulated according to the season. For stays of three nights, the fourth night is available. The room rate includes entry in the gardens of the Parc Botanique de Haute Bretagne (€ 21.80 for two people).



Your host is at your disposal to prepare your stay, give you all the tourist information necessary for the organisation of your travel, book a table for you, and of course communicate you the dates of availability rooms.



An elevator provides access to the room in a wheelchair. The Pissarro room is suitable for people with motor disabilities.


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